Pump Components for the Harsh Applications of the Chemical Processing Industry

Posted by Sam Kelton | March 15, 2017

Steam is one of the chief sources of energy in the rigorous chemical processing industry. Able to create heat, change chamber pressure, separate components, provide water, trigger chemical reactions, and transfer energy in order to power various systems, steam is used in many industrial and chemical applications.


New Warehouse Improvements

Posted by Sam Kelton | March 2, 2017

Thanks to the leadership of Cleburne Shop Manager Jon Edson, Triangle Pump Components, Inc. has been able to
make great strides in warehouse productivity and performance.

Mr. Edson has invested his time not only in his employees, but also in the advancement of our warehouse management solutions.

His diligent work has helped to greatly improve the shipping and receiving, inventory, and manufacturing departments at TPCI.


Superior Pump Components for Reciprocating Plunger Pumps in the Oil and Gas Sector

Posted by Sam Kelton | February 16, 2017

The oil and gas industry is a major contributor to the U.S. economy as it affects a number of vital industrial sectors. Reciprocating plunger pumps and their performance play a crucial role in the oil and gas industry.

These pumps aid in the extraction of oil and other natural resources from underground formations for the Nation’s petroleum industry.

Reciprocating pumps and pump components such as valves and plungers are well suited for this role. The valves and plungers used in these pumps must be sturdy and reliable as they are critical to the success of these processes.  


Red Deer Relocation

Posted by Brittany Robbins | January 30, 2017

Triangle Pump Component Inc.’s Red Deer facility and team are moving into a larger warehouse!


Ensure Speed, Quality, and Savings From Your Component Manufacturer

Posted by Sam Kelton | December 15, 2016

At Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI), we understand the great responsibility that comes with being a procurement manager. By finding ways to strategically reduce costs, eliminate waste, improve quality, and supplement the bottom line, you play a pivotal role in driving value for your company.


How Oil Price Fluctuations Affect Small and Midsize Businesses

Posted by Sam Kelton | November 16, 2016

 As oil prices continue to fluctuate, experts are putting forth various predictions about the industry’s future. Diverse factors — ranging from international economic relations with China and the Middle East to uncontrollable disasters like Hurricane Matthew — impact the price of oil and therefore have implications for everyone involved in the industry.


TPCI Valve Simulation

Posted by Sam Kelton | November 2, 2016

Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI) contracted Flowserve, a pump manufacturer, to compare pump valve performance using Flowserve’s proprietary PUMP-ALL software program. PUMP-ALL is a proven reciprocal plunger pump simulation program capable of predicting pump and valve performance under a variety of operating conditions, such as suction pressure, discharge pressure, and pump speed.


Triangle Pump Components Company Brochure

Posted by Sam Kelton | October 12, 2016

Here at Triangle Pump Components Inc. we continue to build upon the reputation for quality we’ve established since we started doing business in 1919. We have earned a reputation for efficiency, long service life, and dependability and our staff is dedicated to maintaining that tradition. Triangle uses state-of-the-art computer programs including a comprehensive finite element analysis package, to address pump system problems that shorten the life of expendable parts and to ensure the continuing development of superior pump components in the future.


Questions to Ask When You Experience Problems With Your Pumping System

Posted by Sam Kelton | September 16, 2016

When problems with your pumping system occur you want them solved fast. Every second your system is not funcioning at peak capacity your business is losing money and if the problem continues to get worse, it could result in a complete shut down of the system. How much money would you lose if you had to shut down your pumping system for 1 day? or 1 month? Could you stay in business? Would you need to lay off employees or shut down your business?


Triangle Pump Daily Oil Updates

Posted by Sam Kelton | August 5, 2016

As a leading manufacturer of reciprocal pump valve components, we have a long history working with the oil industry. We've also witnessed first hand the ripple effects that oil price fluctuations can have on many downstream industries. We feel it's important for many of our clients and peers in the industry to stay aware of oil prices.