Posted by Sam Kelton | June 2, 2017

Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI) produces high-quality, reliable parts for reciprocal plunger pumps used in the oil, industrial manufacturing, and food processing industries.

Adobe Spark(2).jpgOur proprietary manufacturing process eliminates the risk of pull-apart problems that often occur with ceramic plungers, allowing us to deliver sturdy, dependable parts that last for years.

Simply put, TPCI takes the time to build a better product. While many manufacturers’ ceramic components appear rough and unfinished, the TPCI team builds each individual part with care; all parts leave our facility with a clean, polished finish.

Setting us apart from the competition, our ceramic plungers feature a unique advantage: a two-part epoxy adhesive securing the ceramic surface to the metal adapter that screws into the pump. We use a special formula to mix the adhesive and cure it for a longer period of time. No ceramic plunger is perfectly concentric for the inside diameter, but TPCI machines the shaft so that it’s a perfect fit.

This proprietary process allows us to produce ceramic pump plungers of unsurpassed quality and reliability. Competitors’ plungers experience more pull-aparts than TPCI’s, as the adhesive in lower-quality plungers doesn’t hold up over time, causing the ceramic portion to separate from the metal piece. This can shatter the barrel and damage the pump.


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Not only are TPCI’s ceramic plungers constructed with especially resilient adhesive, but both sides of the plunger are also thoroughly cleaned before it is applied to eradicate any contamination and enhance the adhesive properties. Both of these features virtually eliminate the risk of pull-aparts.

All of our plungers are manufactured to tolerances confirmed by an inspector. After production and inspection, TPCI products go through an additional quality assurance process to ensure the metal and inside of plunger are clean and ready for immediate use.

At TPCI, our customers don’t have to sacrifice quality for cost; we keep prices lower than our competitors and understand the importance of cost efficiency.

About TPCI

Triangle Pump Components has been a trusted manufacturer of durable, dependable pump products for nearly a century. Designed to transfer wear from the most expensive parts to the most expendable, our pump components are built to withstand the most rigorous working environments.

To view our full ceramic plunger selection and the rest of our pump valve parts, download the complete Triangle Pump Components Product Catalog today.

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