Once a valve is received for evaluation by Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI), it is disassembled so each individual component can be throughly inspected.

Our team looks for damage to see if there are any issues with the pump, such as cavitation, in order to offer customers insight on the condition of the valve and provide solutions as needed. Next, we compare the valve to a new valve to see if repair is possible within blueprint tolerances. If not, replacement will be recommended. Once the valve has been thoroughly assessed, the customer is informed of the findings and given a quote for either repair or replacement. Then, after we’re granted permission from the client, repairable parts are remachined, reassembled, and shipped back, or replacement valves are sent.

TPCI also accepts customer valve samples for pumps and can provide quotes for the manufacture of custom valves based off of the dimensions of the sample.