Ensure Speed, Quality, and Savings From Your Component Manufacturer

Posted by Sam Kelton | December 15, 2016

At Triangle Pump Components, Inc. (TPCI), we understand the great responsibility that comes with being a procurement manager. By finding ways to strategically reduce costs, eliminate waste, improve quality, and supplement the bottom line, you play a pivotal role in driving value for your company.


How Oil Price Fluctuations Affect Small and Midsize Businesses

Posted by Sam Kelton | November 16, 2016

 As oil prices continue to fluctuate, experts are putting forth various predictions about the industry’s future. Diverse factors — ranging from international economic relations with China and the Middle East to uncontrollable disasters like Hurricane Matthew — impact the price of oil and therefore have implications for everyone involved in the industry.


Triangle Pump Components Daily Oil Updates

Posted by Sam Kelton | August 5, 2016

As a leading manufacturer of reciprocal pump valve components, we have a long history working with the oil industry. We've also witnessed first hand the ripple effects that oil price fluctuations can have on many downstream industries. We feel it's important for many of our clients and peers in the industry to stay aware of oil prices. 

The top of every Triangle Pump Components website page now features the latest WTI oil pricing and stay tuned for any new oil industry updates via our blog.