Common Causes of Cavitation in Pumps

Posted by Sam Kelton | May 16, 2017

Frequently occurring in pumping applications, cavitation creates bubbles or vapor cavities in a liquid as a result of rapid changes in pressure. These liquid-free voids typically form in low-pressure zones and can burst when subjected to high pressures, sending powerful shockwaves throughout the entire application.


Pump Components for the Harsh Applications of the Chemical Processing Industry

Posted by Sam Kelton | March 15, 2017

Steam is one of the chief sources of energy in the rigorous chemical processing industry. Able to create heat, change chamber pressure, separate components, provide water, trigger chemical reactions, and transfer energy in order to power various systems, steam is used in many industrial and chemical applications.


Questions to Ask When You Experience Problems With Your Pumping System

Posted by Sam Kelton | September 16, 2016

When problems with your pumping system occur you want them solved fast. Every second your system is not funcioning at peak capacity your business is losing money and if the problem continues to get worse, it could result in a complete shut down of the system. How much money would you lose if you had to shut down your pumping system for 1 day? or 1 month? Could you stay in business? Would you need to lay off employees or shut down your business?